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The recipe of chicken curry soup, lemon, olive oil and vegetables

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Chicken curry soup. Other recipes of curry also here and here.

Oven, chicken, lemon and olive oil. Potatoes, onion, garlic, red peppers and root vegetables. Throw it in the oven chicken dinner. The same recipe here and, in another blog of mine, here.

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Tuesday April 11, 2011

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The recipes of soups, Irish barley broth and a Mediterranean almond salad

Calogero Mira, food and…

Irish barley broth and a Mediterranean barley almond salad. Almonds also here.

Thursday December 30, 2010

The recipe of lentil soup with bacon and onions.

Thyme and onion tartlets, basil, pissaladière and curd cheese

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Reader’s Digest, thyme and caramelized onion tartlets tapas recipe for Thanksgiving. Or basil, pissaladière pizza recipe and a video with River Cottage restaurant’s Gill Mellor, a curd cheese and Bad Seeds.

Monday January 31, 2011

Walking Onions

Sky and Colors of Sky

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Friday February 18, 2011

Super Bowl recipes

Calogero Mira, food and…

Reader’s Digest

Vanilla icecream, vanilla toffee crunch and chunky monkey

Vanilla bean, strawberries & cream, double chocolate, mango & passion fruit madness, lemon meringue, cappuccino and sticky toffee fudge

Mango & banana smoothie, banana & strawberry smoothie, frozen yogurt, cappuccino and chocolate icecream. Do you like Cream O’Galloway Made Fair Frozen Yogurt?

Super Bowl recipes from Reader’s Digest? Sirloin rolls, baked onions with gruyère and warm blue cheese deep by Klaus Fritsch fron Morton’s The Cookbook, super simple fan feeders wings, spicy chicken ranch recipe and taco time griller wings by Debbie Moose, refried bean nachos, roasted vegetable wraps with chive sauce, cheese-stuffed jalapenos, spicy sausage wonton stars and black bean burgers.

Sunday January 30, 2011

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