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Indian coffee is smiling abroad. And fairtrade?

Coffee beans

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Please enjoy your Indian coffee with Waqas Saed, Tommy Sandhu, Sonia Deol, Ravinder Singh Kundra, Sunny and Shay Grewal on BBC Asian Network. Why on earth? Please read below.

There is a very good situation for the Indian coffee  exports and in this article you may read about Italy, Russia, Germany and Belgium, Arabica beans and Robusta, Ramesh Rajah, the Coffee Exporters Association of India and the Coffee Board.

Monday January 3, 2011


A Sweet Fairtrade Recipe? Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

Some recipes for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day and Reader’s Digest: white asparagus with truffle vinaigrette, oysters with frozen champagne mignonette, strip steaks with smoky spice rub, queen-of-hearts salad, Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes with cinnamon butter cream frosting, chocolate cakes with liquid centers, chocolate-hazelnut cheesecake, chocolate crème brulee with blackberries, dark chocolate honey almond fondue, avocado gelato, mocha ricotta tiramisù, Valentine coffee cake and chocolate banana soufflés. Fairtrade recipes?

Saturday February 12, 2011

Updated on Monday February 14, 2011

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