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Reader’s Digest, pumpkin ravioli with gorgonzola sauce and a wine


A profile of mine about Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest and pumpkin ravioli – a page with the recipe of pumpkin ravioli and gorgonzola sauce and another page about these ravioli and a wine.

Pumpkin ravioli.

Sunday January 9, 2011

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Grilled Cheese, Bread, Olive Oil, Butter and a Photo

Grilled Five-Cheese Sandwich. With recipe!

Image by pirateyjoe via Flickr

Grilled Cheese by jcristi
Grilled Cheese, a photo by jcristi on Flickr.

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Picture and… the same image in another blog of mine.

Monday April 11, 2011

Italian Recipe? Lasagna Noodle Cheese Bake

italian food

Image via Wikipedia

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Lasagna Noodle Cheese Bake. And another lasagna here.

Tuesday March 22, 2011 and updated some ninutes ago

Cheese? A photo

Pre and Post Xarel.lo

Image by Ryan Opaz via Flickr

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Cheese production by Ryan Opaz
Cheese production, a photo by Ryan Opaz on Flickr.


Wednesday April 5, 2011

A Recipe With An Italian Taste For Your Meatless Monday? Baked Eggplant and Ricotta Rolls

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Meatless Monday – Baked Eggplant and Ricotta Rolls.

Tuesday March 22, 2011

Pies, soufflés and… Mother’s Day recipes for your brunch or…?

a bit of paradise - frittata in ramekin.

Image via Wikipedia

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Mother’s Day recipes? Country frittata and chunky vegetable fricassee for your brunch, Tunisian ratatouille with eggs, potato and camembert bake and cinnamon strawberry pancake.

Spinach and parmesan soufflés and asparagus parmesan soufflés with Hollandaise.

Salmon and artichoke open omelet, steamed Chinese dumplings, creamy crab and sweet pepper bisque, deep-dish chicken-fennel pie with bacon-biscuit top, blueberry cheesecake, duck in orange sauce and barbecued spareribs.

Sorrento lemon pie, and almond cream pie. All these recipes here as well.

Sunday May 8, 2011

Super Bowl recipes

Calogero Mira, food and…

Reader’s Digest

Vanilla icecream, vanilla toffee crunch and chunky monkey

Vanilla bean, strawberries & cream, double chocolate, mango & passion fruit madness, lemon meringue, cappuccino and sticky toffee fudge

Mango & banana smoothie, banana & strawberry smoothie, frozen yogurt, cappuccino and chocolate icecream. Do you like Cream O’Galloway Made Fair Frozen Yogurt?

Super Bowl recipes from Reader’s Digest? Sirloin rolls, baked onions with gruyère and warm blue cheese deep by Klaus Fritsch fron Morton’s The Cookbook, super simple fan feeders wings, spicy chicken ranch recipe and taco time griller wings by Debbie Moose, refried bean nachos, roasted vegetable wraps with chive sauce, cheese-stuffed jalapenos, spicy sausage wonton stars and black bean burgers.

Sunday January 30, 2011

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